Data Center Inspections

Identifying the problem before there’s a breakdown

When one light goes out, they all go out! We know how frustrating that is.

Imagine one minute without Amazon, Google, Apple… it’s enough to throw our current society into a panic. (Show image) Data is crucial to any organization and must be protected and accessible at all times. Maintaining the right temperature is key to the heart of your center.

Data centers remain a top priority as they need to be carefully monitored for overheating or malfunctioning components, which can lead to a fire. The goal is to keep your information flowing as companies are packing more each day into their systems.

When it comes to shutting down a data center there is no downtime as that is not an option, and in critical cases would cost thousands of dollars.

Overseeing the routine maintenance of these centers by a professional with thermal imaging is absolutely crucial to getting ahead of potential problems, so action can be taken. With our thermal imagers we will be able to measure the temperature against the environment, and detect those abnormalities. We want to see consistency, by uploading and keeping track of this information in our system it gives us a better understanding of trends over time.

If you knew you could catch your hot spots before they happened, would you do it? Check out more in our FAQ of THERMAL IMAGING.

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We recommend a periodic, scheduled maintenance of your data center.
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Data Center Checklist

  • Server systems and cooling systems
  • Electrical switchgears
  • Equipment and Computer Servers
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Batteries
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