Request for Proposals (RFPs)

Posted Date: 12/8/22
Trade: Electrical
Location: Albany, New York

US infrared inspections will be conducting an electrical inspection at the sites listed during the months listed in the
report. We would like to solicit your help in:

1-Electrician Requirements

The electrician will stay with the thermographer during the inspection. He will be guided to perform the following
measurement will the ad of an Amp meter and a voltage meter tool. All equipment to be testing or have the panels
removed will be under load.
1. Testing equipment as needed
a. Amperage
b. Voltage

2-Electrician Helper Requirements

The helper must be able to quickly remove and replace electrical panel covers to expose the electrical connections in

Speed Of Service

We want to make this process as cost-effective as possible. The process of the lead helper is to remove and stay at least
five connections ahead of the thermographer and the master electrician.
The process of the trailing helper is to replace the removed panels after the inspection has been performed.


The best inspection is performed when the facility is in full operation. It is highly recommended that all items set for
inspection are in operation at least 30 minutes prior to inspection for optimal heating and anomaly identification. We
will inspect all equipment that is associated with a disconnect or electrical process, i.e. disconnects, disconnects
associated with plugs, MCC, Mains, Panels, Contacts, Starters, Knives, Fuses, and Controls. We will not inspect Motors,
conveyors, roofs, items that pose a danger to the electrician or thermographer, or Moving items. The listed items are
not meant to be conclusive

Sample RFPs Available Upon Request

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