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The average cost to hiring an inspection company with an air plane and pilot could be in the tens of thousands. We can produce the same inspections with better clarity with our drones. We can deliver your inspections by building opposed to having the whole campus at the same time. We can sit with you to discuss the scans, walk the roof with you to show you the anomalies, and mark the anomalies for you. We can reinspect the repairs. The total cost for our inspection, and reinspection allows you to save money for the repairs. The cost benefit is clear.

Advantages of Roof Scans?

  1. Lower Inspection cost.
  2. Closer more accurate scans
  3. Large campus inspections with daylight image comparison. Night Infrared & Comparative Daylight Images
  4. Optional Roof Marking of anomalies. See Boots On The Roof
  5. Photogrammetry of roof surface.
  6. Individual building surveys. Survey 1 to 100 building
  7. Repeatable comparison scans accurate to the centimeter. Repeatable programmable scans

Optional Boots On The Roof inspection

Drone Inspections

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