Why Qualifications Matter When Performing a Dust Hazards Analysis

It is important to know the qualifications, reputation, and experience of the outside vendor or individual who performs the DHA.

Merger of Lewellyn Technology and Predictive Service Creates Leading Reliability and Safety Platform

Predictive Service is named one of 30 Fastest Growing Companies to watch 2018

We are an innovative, technology driven provider changing the paradigm for service companies Predictive Service.

Predictive Service, LLC Acquires Diamond Technical Surveys to Expand Infrared Inspection Span

Diamond Technical Surveys (DTS), is a provider of infrared inspection services since 1999. DTS’ extensive infrared inspection capabilities expand Predictive Service’s infrared inspection to include more electrical and mechanical inspection offerings, refractory infrared inspection, roofing and moisture intrusion inspection, and infrared window installation.

(Cleveland, Ohio – August 2018)

Predictive Service Acquires Mid Atlantic Infrared Services, Inc., a provider of diagnostic predictive testing, including infrared, vibration and ultrasonic diagnostic services since 1981

(Cleveland, Ohio – October 2017)

Predictive Service has Promoted Stephen W. Cormack to Director, EAM Operations in its Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Group

(Cleveland, Ohio – October 2017)

Predictive Service Continues to Add Value and Technology to their Predictive Maintenance Deliverables

(Cleveland, Ohio – August 2017)

Robert D. MacArthur has been named Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for all of Predictive Service’s enterprise asset management operations

(Cleveland, Ohio – March 2017)

Predictive Service has promoted Tibor Jung to Senior Account Executive in its Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Group

(Cleveland, Ohio – February 2017)

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