Drone Bridge Inspections

Advantages Of Drone Inspections

(UAVs) offer USII inspectors a variety of benefits over conventional inspection methods.

Drone-assisted visual inspections are nonintrusive, nondestructive, versatile, cost-effective, compared to older methods due to the flight capabilities. USII evaluations use high-quality footage taken with powerful cameras mounted on highly maneuverable UAVs, US Infrared inspectors can quickly and efficiently conduct thorough visual inspections of areas of interest. Our inspectors view substructure bridge elements; (like piers and abutments).

Furthermore, the UAVs we use for bridge inspections:

  • Can hover in place to produce very stable video and images
  • Navigate by interfacing with a system that provides millimeter-accurate global positioning

Drones cannot fully replace the need for other means of access, such as in the case of nondestructive examination or small repairs, they represent a powerful tool for inspectors to implement in the visual inspection process., USII can provide a more comprehensive and more efficient bridge inspection for a lower price. If safety, convenience, budget and repeatable accuracy is a concern, you want to use a trusted experienced Drone inspection company like US Infrared Inspections

Let our team of experienced, trained Level 3, FAA SUAS Certified drone pilots bring you the results you expect within a budget you deserve.

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Drone Inspections

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