Electrical Safety Inspections

We can’t fly, don’t have super strength, and certainly do not have x-ray vision. What we do have is the ability to keep your family, friends and employees safe, and our own version of Supermen. Taking a proactive approach is a guaranteed way to keep the ones you care about out of harm’s way.

A basic inspection of your outlets, wiring, and overall electrical may not be the right approach. With our thermal imaging technology you will be able to detect the issue before it starts. Preventing outages, and costly damage moving forward. Maintenance should be performed on a routine basis.

Note there must be access directly to the wires, electrical. Thermal imaging cannot read through metal or cabinets, etc.

According to The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Electrical fires and devices were amongst the TOP 5 of leading causes of home fires in 2021.

Wires under stress can cause excessive heat, whether loose connections, defective breakers, overloaded circuits or other conditions and can eventually lead to increased issues.

This is pretty black and white, right? HOT means DANGER, COLD = in the clear. NOT TRUE. If a circuit appears cooler than normal, it may signal a failed component, same with a circuit breaker. More heavily loaded phases will appear warmer.

Note: When we are conducting a full electrical thermal scan, and find issues at hand we will provide a full summary for insurance, and recommend reporting to a qualified electrician for a correct diagnosis.

Please find our attached electrical diagnostic menu for complete details on our process.

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