4 Benefits of Having an Infrared Inspection During a Home Inspection

When Home inspectors come to your door, you expect a thorough investigation of what could be wrong with your premise. The inspectors do their inspection, and maybe you find that they did not get to the depth of it; the reason behind this is the lack of thermal imaging or an infrared inspection. Here are the four reasons why it is important to enlist infrared thermal imaging when doing home inspections.

Air leaks

Without thermal imaging or infrared inspection, it will be hard to realize where the air leaks in your home emanate from which make it hard for you to get a solution. You may try to find someone to repair these leaks during the winter seasons to prevent the cold from coming in; however, without infrared inspection, you will miss out on the most crucial parts of your home that need fixing.

Energy loss

You may have a heating system that costs you more than it did before even after a thorough house inspection. You need a thermal or infrared inspection to find where the problem lies. You will pay more insofar as bills are concerned and not know why. Therefore, a thermal inspection will save you money and show you where the problem lies. Furthermore, the energy loss means that you may have to consider other building defects that are within your property that may lead to a loss in your property value.

Plumbing leaks

You may have water bills hitting the roof and wondering why this is so. It may be because of a small, undetected leak. Once you fix this leak, you are assured that your water bill will have no inconsistencies concerning a leak in a water pipe. In addition, your plumbing leaks may not only cost you money but also lead to damage of your water piping system. This means that failure to fix the problem with the leaking pipe may lead to further damage to your already installed pipes.

Weather intrusion

Wear and tear is a part of all that is built. Therefore, it is essential to use measures like the infrared inspection to scrutinize the parts that are not visible to the naked eye in order to fix them before they damage your home. As such, weather intrusion and another element will be brought forth by those areas that are not inspected well. They will cause damage that you did not expect while you were away at work. Thermal or infrared inspection is essential for all homeowners who need to keep their homes airtight against intrusion from the elements.

Find a professional to do a proper infrared or thermal inspection in your home to ensure that you do not need to worry about repairs that you did not expect.

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